4 thoughts on “Recovery From Statism is Possible – Michael Dean After Dark live radio archive”

  1. Anarchy Gumbo was great, I enjoyed the mix of guests you had on there. I’m glad the concept of you interviewing and yakking with people is back.

    That was a good first show. I enjoyed it, and had some good chuckles as I was stuck in traffic. The hamster in my brain is happy now.

  2. I have to tell you I just listened to the first MDAD with you and MikeMakesRight – awesome!! I laughed my ass off at times – loved the stories of the Cap St meeting and taking your Swiss girlfriend there. And Mike’s imitation of a Linux geek – hahaha!! Also, just comparing the AA/NA cult mindset to a statist mindset reminded me of how I’m starting to really balk at all the fear mongering, etc. I guess becoming more liberty-minded will do that – make you question everything – including something that once saved your life.

  3. i know your busy, but would be great to get this on stitcher. Literally every podcast i listen to is on stitcher(20+), need this one too!

    1. Thank you for the reminder. Submitted. Will let you and everyone know when it’s approved.


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