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    Hey Michael! I enjoyed your recent interview on the remaster. I was a big Bomb fan in your last two years of existence. I met you a few times. I was good friends with Tania Skivos’ roommate Sarah,who hipped me to you guys.

    Anyway, back then I had a cassette of “To Elvis in Hell” that I taped from Tania. I had this walkman that had a broken auto-reverse feature so that when you pressed it instead of playing the other side of the tape as intended, it would play the side you were on backwards at normal speed. One day I was listening to the track with backward masking on it… You In Romance maybe? – and a little light bulb went off over my head. I pressed the magic button and there was your voice, calm and mild mannered, giving the secrets of happiness. Have goals but be happy while you work toward them, smile all the time even if it hurts (it’s kinda like acupuncture) and maybe another one. The walkman is long gone so it lives only in my memory. Anyway, I never heard it mentioned so I wanted to let you know that someone out there (here?) heard and appreciated the message. Did anyone else that you know of ever decipher that? I don’t know how easy it is to play an actual record backwards. Maybe I was meant to hear it because I’m special! Anyway, thanks for the memories and the advice. Keep on Michael Deanin’!


  2. hey michael,
    doing really well. bolted on LA. bought a bluebird bus conversion….40 ft with solar and stuff. got out of my jam. have 97,500 plus readers on my blog 30 dollar writing school and the other book with the serenity vampires stuff really freed me. i’m making a mickey d’s salary……….actually quite a bit more, thanks to you sharing your insights. i’d love it if you’d send me an e-copy of 30 dollar music school, since i’m in…..thank you very much. thanks for the help…..clean sober and unencumbered by mosquitos and toxic vampires 4 years now. though i do like a bit of greenery and guns. lots of love to you both.

    1. Hey Ruben, glad you’re well.
      I don’t have that PDF, but it’s on the torrents.
      The paperback is also hella cheap used on Amazon.

      I’m finally getting around to updating “User’s Manual” to a second edition. Just started today. Will be a paperback and Kindle. I’ve never done a Kindle book, believe it or not.

  3. Hello Mr.dean,

    I don’t know if you remember a forum called conservative punk from way back in the Day.
    I was username “Zander. I’m commenting today because I wanted to know how you’ve been keeping, from what it appears your doing great!

    Alex Abernethy

    1. yeah. Howdy. Man, haven’t thought about that in years.
      That forum was an amusing clusterfuck. Didn’t someone forget to keep up the registration and it ended up just a java script chat somewhere?

      This is the main thing I’m up to: Syndicated terrestrial radio show The Freedom Feens.


      1. MWD,

        I will explain to you why I brought up the conservative punk website, my reason is that I had felt that the members on that website with yourself included were most possibly the future of politics in the United States of America, and most likely through out the entire world. Ever since that website went down and, turned into a snob club. I have been drifting from forum to forum looking for the right fit, though every time I go to these sites, due to my “punk-rock” conditioning I am mainly seen as a troll. This is another discussion in itself for another day.

        I do work with Radio, and as I remember when you were younger you did tinkering with a wireless phone that you would talk into to broadcast your voice. I don’t remember the whole story, what I would like to bring up is this.

        Have you ever considered possibly getting your self on the Shortwave for a long distance communication for people that aren’t as big into Internet? Mainly for those in third world countries that, at the moment do not have access to the Internet? I understand it isn’t so much that you must absolutely do this, but there are people in this world that do not know you exist. I also understand, MWD, that you are very keen on being a “private citizen”. I though cannot help but think that if you take your message into the older part of the electromagnetic spectrum, you could potentially bring in more people to your website.

        As much as they may say, in the United States and this God forsaken modern Era that the Radio is a dead medium, it truly is not for some citizens of this earth.

        I must point out to, that even if your message is on the Internet, governments that will lock down on the Internet would not totally be able to stop a radio broadcast, and even though they could jam it? Ask yourself? Would they even hear your broadcast in time to jam it.

        I could say more on the subject of getting you into the Radio Medium but, I will cut it short here.

        In case your interested maybe reach out to this website,

        Thank for your time reading this post.

        Alex Abernethy

      1. Worms. are good for farms. Did you know that the worms under a cow farm weigh more than the cows on the surface?

  4. Hey Micheal, watching your “Guns & Weed” dvd. Only 15 minutes into it so far.
    I’m a supporter. Also listened to your audio book: User Manual for the Human Experience. Marvelous work!

    I have one question: WTF is “GHAT” ? I don’t understand what that word is. Your ads on FTL which are pulled from this G&W video are simply unintelligible. “Keeping your GHAT intact” What? sorry dude, can’t make it out. You need to improve that WORD (everything else is fine, and I say keep up your efforts).

    You are a very talented and driven person Micheal, and I’m happy to have run across you. You & Derick were both kind and generous to me back in 2014 during the MeowBit days. Thanks for exposing me to Daniel Larimer of BitShares.

    OK ‘nuf said. I will be sending some BTC your way in the next day or 2.

    1. Thom,

      “Ghat” is actually “Gat”. It’s slang for gun. People who know the word get it.

      Thanks for the BTC, did you send it? I got some didn’t know from whom.

      Here’s what we’re up to now with cryptos: Dot-Bip: Censorship-Proof Domain Names Done Right. via BipCoin.

      Dot-Bip fixes what Namecoin got wrong. Will be easy to use and view, cheaper than ICANN domains, yet resistant to domain squatting.

      This is great news for anyone who’s even a little concerned that the new US president has threatened to silence journalists.

      Also: if this works it will likely drive up the cost of BipCoin. So mine some now and/or buy some on Cryptopia while they’re 1/3 US cent each. (Not a guarantee).

  5. Hi Michael,

    I heard you on the Corbet Report.

    It was unclear as to not being able to access a .bit Domain if a user has not downloaded the five hour file to sync with the network – correct?

    This also means .bit can’t work on a mobile phone unless you access a .bit site via a third party site – correct?

    1. Hi Graham,

      Dot-Bit is dead. We’re doing a new thing:

      Dot-Bip: Censorship-Proof Domain Names Done Right. via BipCoin.

      Dot-Bip fixes what Namecoin got wrong. Will be easy to use and view, cheaper than ICANN domains, yet resistant to domain squatting.

      This is great news for anyone who’s even a little concerned that the new US president has threatened to silence journalists.

      Also: if this works it will likely drive up the cost of BipCoin. So mine some now and/or buy some on Cryptopia while they’re 1/3 US cent each. (Not a guarantee).

  6. Heyyyy Michael. Chris Caulder here. It’s been a long time. Just checked out your site to see what you’re up to. Glad to see you’re keeping busy like always.

    Just a heads-up, about the Vixia HF200…. on ebay, I see these constantly for $200 or less. Including this:

    I bought this camera twice over the last six years… never paid more than $350 for it new, or used. It’s a nice camera. Though I prefer to shoot everything on DSLR still, these days… or, iphone. Just a million times easier.

    Anyway, drop me a line sometime… miss talkin to you and doing creative things with ya!


  7. Hello! I read a great book of yours in 2008 about cats and stuff. Have you written anything else in that genre? I am buying your “A User’s Manual for the Human Experience” on audible now! /Erik

  8. Whats up Mike! My name is Cary Robinson but you can call me Tazflcn(taz-falcon) I am an alumni from $30FilmSchool. I love your book. I feel this book was made for me because I been “taken the vow of poverty for my art” before I even read this book. The reason I took the vow before the book because I feel that I am destined for greatness because of my art & if I don’t get the results I am looking for I keep going. I know somewhere in this universe I impacted somebody with my art, drive, ambition, & my cunning wits. Right now my team is working on a DVD & we in post production stage. Also, I try starting a “gofundme” account to cover art work, promotion, dvd packaging, shipping, touring, & etc. but no luck. Any advice? If you have any words of encouragement outside of the $30Film School book? Thank you for the book .

    P.S.I planted some special trees since after I read the

  9. Hey, the Slish album (that weird red cassette) was gifted to me from a friend that knew someone in the band. Anyway, it was probably one of my two favorite albums. Is there any way or any place to get a copy of it nowadays?

      1. Thanks! My friend Wes and I used to listen to this album daily while driving around in his beat up truck and going to the skate spots in the city back in 96/97!

      1. My friend Wes knew you. When you met him, he was a scrawny little, recently cleaned up 17 year old who worked at Ted’s Market with his transparent blond mustache.

  10. Michael –

    I must contact you… with good news and I hope you feel like replying. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank you (along with Norman Buck, and Tony Y.) for ushering me into the world of poetry over 35 years ago. My tenure with you and members of “The Armless Children” (circa 1982) was transformational. My recently published poetry anthology “Venus Remembered and Other Poems, by Phil Wormuth” is evidence of your expert DIY/punk ethos tutelage. You are dearly remembered in the acknowledgements. I would like to forward you a copy – please advise.

  11. Mr. Deen,

    I am the pastor of a presently small church plant in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I discovered you on the Apple TV machine and listen to the show every morning I can, my wife also enjoys the shows, which says more than you can imagine. I have found a handful of people in our small area are home bound and would listen to the Sunday services if we live streamed them and hung them on our website afterwards.

    I immediately thought of you, as you love to talk gear and how to set up streaming content. I preach in a mobile manner, not staying behind the podium, so a static microphone would not be a good option for the preaching, but might work for the singing of the church if it would pick up everyone else. What do I need to buy as I am in the process of applying for a grant from the North American Mission Board.

    I think I will need a face/throat mic, some kind of software program, an editing program, and perhaps a recording device of one form or another. I am not super tech savvy, but I have a really good friend in Washington State that can talk me through most stuff. I will be making the purchases based on the cost and if I qualify for the grant from NAMB.

    I have a Macbook Pro at the facility so whatever software/hardware you recommend will have to be compatible with that.

    PS Why don’t you have a PO Box or something like that to receive money at? My wife has OK’d me sending you guys some small amounts of money when I get them because I support what you are doing. I just cannot figure out hw to get it to you. I have considered just ordering buttons. If possible I would like to send you a small check every now and then though. While I am fighting for peoples spiritual lives, you are fighting for their physical ones and both messages work together.

    Thank you,

  12. Hi Michael, My name is Tim Lydon and I just wanted to reach out and thank you for writing the book $30 film school. I just finished reading it with great interest. The ‘Focus” section in the Closing Arguments chapter really hit home. It was as if I had to read all those things at this time to make the film I want to make. I have just begun my journey to shoot a film next summer in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. Just wanted to say thanks,

  13. I would love, love, love to own a Bomb tshirt. Is there anywhere I could find one to purchase? I have scoured the Internet to jo avail. Hits of Acid is still one of my favorite pieces of music to this very day.

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