ALL 611 of my BipTunia song titles as of May 22, 2024 (Up through album 90)


(^ My recent astro photo of those Eyes nebulea called NGC6914 in Cygnus)

You can listen to a 24/7 random stream of all these songs, here.

HERE ARE ALL 611 BipTunia song titles as of May 22, 2024 (Up through album 90):

10 TET Ancient Greek Arps for Hey Zeus

11 ED3 Jump for Jumping

12 TET is a Horrorshow

12 TET Ring Mod Drone

12-17 Over 12 TET Equals

12-20 at 90 and 900 BPM

12-Part Chorale for Human and Mouse

1974 Green Princess Phone

1984 Jellyfish Speakeasy

2 Catch Yourself from Falling

2-TET Tritones All the Way Down

20,000 Cats

20000 Days Alive

2084 at the Squid Hydrogen Bar

31 TET Jam Thing

31 TET Meantone[19] 1 2 1 2 2 1 2 2 1 2 1 2 2 1 2 2 1 2 2 Hut Hut

32 Chords Ago in the Garden of Mann

4 EDO 20 EDO 960BMP Jaunty

4 EDphi Boogie on Orion’s Ring Mod Moons

5 TET Evening TV Sign Off on Proxima Centauri c

5 TET Jam Thing

5 TET Sine Wave Hearing Test Blues

53 Eagles in Eagle 53


668 is the Neighbor of the Beast

7 TET Driven to Refusal

7 TET Jam Thing

7 TET Station ID

960 Thoughts Per Second

A Legend in your Drone Mind

A Manual for the Human Users

A Musical Enema for Your Lymph System

A Party with the Ghost of Every Individual of Every Species that Ever Lived on this Planet, all Planets, in all Multiverses

A Pocket Full of Iridium

A Prominent Albedo Feature on Mars

A Raymiland Nightmare You Can Dance To

A Sample of Things to Come

A Song to Whistle While We Duck and Cover

A Strong Dense Smell

A Summer Boat Trip on the SS Juno-Crumar

A Theoretical Framework of Point-Like Particles

A Touch of Hedgeness

Abiogenesis and Subspace

Absolute Zero Adhesion Acoustics

Acceleration of Measurement

Achin’ for an Arpen

Acid in 1952

Acme Skunk Trebuchet

Adult-Onset Aspergers

After Math

Alas, a Guppy

All Done Now Wait For Results

All I Want for Christmas is More Free VSTs

Alternative Hypothesis Concerning Panspermia



Ancient Galaxy Mega Merger

Ancient Greek Archytas Diatonic Jam Thing

And that’s what’s Final

Animal Parade

Another Green Worm

Arp Me Baby, All Night Long

Arpalicious Reflection While on Hold (Concerto for Moog and Cor Anglais)

Arpeggiate the State

Arpy Baby Yeah Yeah Yeah

Art Fur

Art is How You Live Forever

As Sure as Goats is Goats

As the God Mercury Waits to Welcome Me Home

As the Pillars of Creation Fall

Astrid’s Lament

Atone Goes to Hell

Atone goes to hell

Aux Sunday

Avant Rock

Bad Advice During Difficult Times

Bass on Base on Three


Beast Party

Beautiful Justify Brick Gridlock

Bees Love Me

BipTunia album ad 3

BipTunia album ad 3

BipTunia album ad 3

BipTunia album ad 3

BipTunia album ad 3

BipTunia album ad 3

BipTunia album ad 3

BipTunia Goes Electric Beat Box Boogie Bip Blip Blop Bloop

BipTunia, Behind the Microtones

Bizz Buzz

Black Cat on a Pumpkin

Blowing the Dust out of Entrenched Systems

Blues for Cthulhu Suite

Bortle 1 in My Colon

Brace Yourself for a Blast

Brain Movie 668

Brain Movies in 11 EDphi

Brain of Patient Treated with Methylene Blue

Burning Philosophy – part 1

Burning Philosophy – part 2

But Realizing It’s All Good

Bytes and Peaces

Can Grains in a Tornado Go Right Through Ya, part 1 of 3

Can Grains in a Tornado Go Right Through Ya, part 2 of 3

Can Grains in a Tornado Go Right Through Ya, part 3 of 3

CAT MUF election parody ad

CAT MUF election parody ad

CAT MUF election parody ad

CAT MUF election parody ad

Cat Singing About a Macedonian Bagpipe

Cats Dig Me

Cats Have Always Loved Me

Characterized by Additional Renewal

Chautauqua Girls

Chautauqua Synth Ensemble Tuning in the Amphitheater, July 1977

Chicks Dig Me

Chill Beats to Relax and Breed Cats to

Chime the Clouds

Church Farm Schooled

Clearing the Neighborhood for Alpha-Centauri

Climb Outta There

Cloud Drum Boogie

Coastal Mainer Decatonal Surf Rock

Collect Call from the Interzone

Colonoscopy Propofol Dreamscape

Commander Beef Partched

Complyacin drug parody ad

Complyacin drug parody ad

Complyacin drug parody ad

Complyacin drug parody ad


Cretaceous Soundtrack Leaving Up to KT Extinction, 1 of 3

Cretaceous Soundtrack Leaving Up to KT Extinction, 2 of 3

Cretaceous Soundtrack Leaving Up to KT Extinction, 3 of 3

Crispy Delicious to Hear From You

Critters Resounding

Crucifixion Street – for Jamestown, NY

Crucifixion Street (Cash Newmann Remix)

Cultural Appropriation of Alpha-Centauri

Cusky Brush-Off

Custer’s Last Hamburger Stand

Cut Up in 65/16

Cut Up in Cleveland

Dance of the Hedgehog

Death of the Author


Deer Isle Smile

Dem Drones

Deviation of the Saturation in 7-8

Dialogic Mimesis

Dino Wrangler 3000

Disco Demolition Man and Pigeon 911


DMT Me Baby All Night Long

Dodecatonal Music

Dogless Jams, part 1

Dogless Jams, part 2

Dogless Jams, part 3

Dogless Jams, part 4

Don’t Drone Me Bro

Don’t Kick the Bam Bot

Don’t Panic We’re Half Done

Don’t Step on the Trufflulas

Downline Online Commute

Dream Sequence 12.3

Dreaming in Swadish

Dreaming While Awake

Driving Flummoxed with Sex Bag

Driving Home from the Vet

Drone Bone

Drone Drone Drone

Drone Home

Drone Me Baby All Night Long

Drone to Drone


Drum Machines Have No Baggage

DrumBox 220BPM 15-27 Gram and 17 TET

Drums and Bass and Piano on Titania

Drunken Virtuoso

DSM 13

DSM 9point5

Dymaxion Bass Lines

Dynamic Distortion Correction for Endoscopy

Eagle53 Phryg Penta Data Transmission

Early European Modern Humans

Edit Your Synth Now for Fluxus

Elaine’s Travelogue

Electric Cat Disco

Empty Room in Vermont with Only a Piano

Encrypted Emission

Encrypted In Flight

Encrypted Insight

Erratic Action Otter


Everything’s Gonna Be OK Little Kitties


Falls Awakening

Fanfare for the Common Worm

Feen Dron

Find Your Own Voice

Fishing Destiny’s Brain

Fitch’s Theory

Flerfs All Over the Globe

Flying Paranoid with Six Bags

For that One Fan in Orlando Florida

Forgotten Secret Tree House

FreakBone-9000 Demo 1

Free Time Requiem for the Past

Frequency Band Circumstellar Disk-Shaped Worms

Fruit Cart Shuffle in Porcupine TET 22

Fungus in my Lungus


Gama-Lama Ding Dong

Gastro-Gnomic Advice from Morton Gordon

Get Your Photons Off My Property

Ghost of Poetry

Ghost of the Ghost of Poetry

Giving The Universe A Colonoscopy

Goat Stimulator

Good Trip Her Time Her

Goodnight Moon of Jupiter

Got my Brain Flapps a Flappin

Government Probe

Grab Any Unused Chautauqua Practice Studio Piano

Gravitationally Completely Collapsed Object

Gray is the Day

Gridlock Equal of and Sound Limitations

Guitar Bass Drums Synth and Piano

Guitar School Dropouts

Hamburgers for the Apocalypse

Harm-Melodic Delight

Harmolodic Meatus in the Middle

Harvester of Adrenochrome

Haunted Hows

Have You Seen Syd?

He Makes a Mirror

He or She Lost the Master Tapes

He Works at the Business Factory

Hearing Newness Every Day

Hearing Voices in the Hall

Heather’s Skirt Memo

Heels Sink a Summoned TV Kept Leased Mile

Heliostic No Wave

Here Come the Warm Baths

Hex Bells

His Luck Turned to Dirt

Hot Stone Groove After Dark

How Much Does She Love Art?

How to Compound Your Eye

How to Survive a Nuclear Bomb

Human Music Number 9

Human-Cat Mind Meld

Hush Up Father

Huygens on Titan

I Am Poem

I Believe Us

I Don’t Want What You Got Anymore

I Freakin’ Love Reaper

I Got Questions

I Got Them Talkin’ Tongue Drum Blues

I Haz a Desk Beast

I Only Take Photos of Landscapes, Animals, and Stars

I Want a Savannah Cat

I Want to Make Concert with You

I’ll Be Your Guide Star

I’m a Lone, Broke Cowpoke

I’m Fine, On Five

I’m So Glad I Finally Got Some Sleep

I’ve Already Told You Too Much

I’m Done Living in the Past

If 9 were 12

If Schroeder on Peanuts Grew Up, Went to College in the 80s, and Fell in with the Wrong Crowd

Improper Eruptive Bike

In Sell Ah Duss

In the Middle of Too Much Berlin

Indian Raga Bageshri Two-Step

Inhaling Expanding Particles Through the Aperture at the Devival

Injecting Data Directly Into the Medial Forebrain Bundle

Injecting Data Into My Brain

Inner Mission

Instrumental Song for a Dead Friend to Sing

Intergalactic Gas

Intergalactic Prairie Studio

Intergalactic Squats

Internal Interstitial Examination

Interstellar Love Song

Interstitial Intermission

Interstitial Remission

Intro / Sorry for Your Audio Loss

Inverted Synapses 4

It Turns Purple when You Touch It

It’s Dumb to Think That the Golden Ratio is Magic

It’s Not Blues But It Might Be in Andromeda

Jail Jaunt Arpness

Javier The Fly

Jazz Odyssey

John Vibes With Jerry Garcia’s Guns

Jupiter Was as Bright as Venus This Dawn

Just Intonate Me Baby

Just Intonation 7 Jam Thing

Kicking Adrenochrome

Kicking Dope in a Redondo Condo

Killin’ Time (Better than Miles Davis at the Isle of Wright Show)

Kip Bip Empire Overture

Kitty in the Hospital

Kitty is Great!

Kratom Blues

Last Chopper Outta My Brain

Last Common Ancestor

Leaper People Erupt

Let’s Go to the 12 TET Ring Mod Dance

Let’s Talk About Synthetic Thought

Li’l 25

Life at the South Pole

Liminal Space Ape with Baritone Sax

Live from the Elephant’s Foot

Lola Peer Puppeteer

Long Drone Home

Love Letter to a Dead Girl

Love Potion Number 999

Low-Speed Stampede

Lunar X on the Back of My Hand A

Lunar X on the Back of My Hand B

Machine Elves Stole Your Lunch Money

Mad Action

Makes The Melvins Sound Like Speed Metal

Marc Sporkolova

Marimba Intermission

Maudlin Pentatonic Fish Cake Scale

Memories Inserted at this Location

Meowness be a Lady Tonight

Meridian Flip Out

Messing Up the Adrenochrome Search Results

Meteorite Trough Group

Microtonal Cats from Alpha- Centauri

Microtonal Constrained Language

Microtonal Prog McWorms

Microtonal Zesster Bells Act 1

Microtonal Zesster Bells Act 2

Microtonal Zesster Bells Act 3

Microtonal Zesster Bells Act 4

Microtonal Zesster Bells Act 5

Middle Meatus

Midi Pre-Prise

Miles Ahead of Miles

Mint Tin

Mishandled Panel

Mod Dom Thigh Repertoire

Moon of a Micromoon

Mosin Nougat

Mr. Blister Bristle Embed Eerie Perm Spleen

Music to Be Stuck in a Tube With

My Cats Like to Listen to Leviathan

My Last Day Working at Tyrell Corp

My Shiz gets more and more abstract over time

My Small Gorgeous 72-Hour Evening

Neanderthal Bone Flute Played in a Cave

Never Drone Alone

New Arpness, Wyoming

Newness Overwritting the Old


Nine-Part Chorale for Human and Mouse

No Holidays in Heaven

No Picnic in the Park

Nobody’s Business

Non-Toxic Lipograms

Nose in Wine

Nothing Like Finding Money in Your Pocket before it Goes Through the Wash

Nova 101 Cal

Nova Cataclusmic part 1

Nova Cataclusmic part 1

Nova Cataclusmic part 2

Nova Cataclusmic part 3

Nuclear Winter Dawn’s Song

Null the Pad

Octopus Motor is Missing

Ode to a Grecian Coffee

Ode to a Grecian Squirrel

Ode to a Xenharmonic Cat

Ode to an Ode to Chautauqua NY

Ol’ Drunken Paul’s Shaky Social Standing

On Approach To Alpha-Centauri

One Day After the Appearance of the Monolith

One for the Barn Cats

One More for the Road to Alpha-Centauri

Open Knife Night

Open Vein Night

Orwell 22 Music for Machine

Otter Shimmer Shake

Our Sole Beacon of Hope

Overture in Beast Minor

Overture in Eagle 53 and 7 TET

Painting the Easy Anchor

Panic at 16th and Mission

Pattern Predictability in Ultra Long-Distance Events

Pattern-Predictable Initial Conditions

Peel Rapture People

Perpetual Eel or Pep

Perseus 16 EDO Microtonal

Phil’s Commute

Photographing the Dust on the Fabric of the Universe

Phrygian Pentatonic Flunk Funk

Pie-Anno Thang

Pink Velvet Ego

Pinky the Wonder Cat

Placeholder Worms

Pounding Cottons Into Dust

Pour a Peeper Pellet and a Peeper Per Pollute

Prelude for The Ill-Tempered Clavier

Pristine Beeper Smell

Pseudo Penis

Pulsar in Flux

Purple Leper Eater

Radiation Hormesis

Regenerative Abiogenesis

Relatively Sanctimonious Legwork

Relentless Bip Empire 1 – Second to the Shadow of Your Genome

Relentless Bip Empire Remembered 2

Relentless Bip Empire Remembered 3

Remembering Worrying About the Future

Remove Isolation

Renovation Hell

Residential Delight


Reticulated Ionized Altazimuth Dobsonian Observations

Revenge of the Singing Bowl

Reviews of Events that Haven’t Happened

Rewinding Toward a Singularity

Room 668

Screaming to Know You’re Still Alive

Seated Buffoon Kelvin

Secret Hidden Hobby

Seeding the End of the Visible Universe

Serenity Tranquility and Peace

Several Haunted Goats

She Only Listens to Songs by Dead Singers

She Really Looks Natural

She’s Droppin’ Beam Tears

She’s Talking to Her Pills Again

Sheep Chalk Scarlet Letter

Short Circuit at the Sheep Factory

Short Sheeted

Shriven Brain Shavings

Shut Up Shop and Go Fishing

Simmering and Shimmering in the Integrated Flux Nebula

Simple Little 20 TET Ditty

Simple Little 20-TET on the Wing

Sing the Winter Down

Sisyphus, Part 5

Sky Funeral for a Well-Respected Cor Anglais Player

Slodge – the Song of my People

Slow Blink

Small Crepuscular Desert Mammals

So Underground We Couldn’t Find It

Solo Tinkling Minor Key Piano

Sorting the Data After Uploading Me to the Cloud

Spare a Few Astronomical Units

Speaking of Blue Öyster Cult…

Speech Free

Spellcheck your Drones

Squeaking Sgwadish

Starfish Prime vs. Wyoming Wind

Statism Symptoms

Steady Diet of Worms

Stoned Ape Theory

Story Time Episode XXVI

Stranger Days

Structure is for Suckers

Strung-Out Exotic Plastic Wonders

Stuff It In Squirrel

Submarine Pants

Sumatra Jam Thing

Sumerian Waltz

Summer Home on Titan

Superlative Sparkling Stellar Nursery Fireworks

Supermarket Sheep Sweep

Sweet 100

Sweet Oil of Vitriol

Swimming in the Masses

Synaptic Location Overwrite

Sysyphus, Part 6

Take Your Drugs and Get in the Tube

Takes you to a wonderful place

Talk and Sex No Cigarettes

Talk Show Plasmosis

Talking to Helios Creed Back Stage at Will Shatter’s Wake at the On Broadway

Talking While Unconscious

Taxation is Midi Art Theft

Tea With The Emperor’s Concubines

Test Bench Blues on the Night Shift at the Sheep Factory

Test Sex Messed Blessed

That Cat Gaz Lennox

That Dream Where You Walk Away From School a Week before Graduation

That Girl at That Squat in Berlin

That Groovy Retro Cold War Beat

That Time I Pepper Sprayed Myself

The 10 TET Cotillion

The 17 Reasons Why Sign at 17th and Mission

The 3 Beats He Played for the Whole Band’s History

The 4-4 Waltz

The Battle in the Innermoist Chamber of the Drum Machine

The Commute of Müña of the Desert

The Company Business Firm, Inc

The E-Waste Cycles

The Ether Resolution

The Ether Variations

The Fish Speaks

The French Have Always Licked Me

The French Have Always Loved Me

The Harp Speaks

The High Galactic Circus in 15 TET Blackwood[10] 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1

The Hippocampus with a Long Lens Trained on the Amygdala

The Last Microtonal Shaman

The Last Pumpkin Outta Alpha Centauri

The Last Shaman

The Long Road to What is Art For

The Long Tail album, part 1 of 4

The Long Tail album, part 2 of 4

The Long Tail album, part 3 of 4

The Long Tail album, part 4 of 4

The Meaning of Life

The Most Average Man in America

The Nifty DarkWave Level in the 80s Video Game of Life

The Number of the Spider

The Number-One Hit Song on Alpha-Centauri This Week

The Owl and His Imaginary Friend

The Power of Very Large Prime Numbers

The Radio Fired Bullets

The Role of Alpha Particles in Mutation and Selection for Better Living Through Chemistry

The Root of All Drivel

The Shortest River in the World

The Stealing from Yourself Blues

The Ultraviolet Catastrophe

The Weird Uncle at the Family Reunion

The Werckmeister 3 in Concert

There are Good Days and Bad Days, and This is One of Them

There are Good Days and Bad Days, and Today Was One of Them, Part 2

There are Good Days and Bad Days, and Today Was One of Them, Part 3

These Cats

Those Rats at City Hall

Thou Foreshadowed Monocytogenes

Three Exquisite Corpse Poems

Three-Pound Universe

Through the Eye of the Fly

Through the Terrascope

Thus Spake the Addams Family

Time Best Spent

Time Sharing at Dartmouth in 1974


Today Also

Toggle Show Parameters

Too Many Notes for the Royal Ear

Torpedoes and Eggs

Tounge My Drum

Trip to the Rogue Morgue

Truth Table on a 1975 Logic Gate

Twenty Trillion Micro-Teslas

Two States at Once

Two Worms and a Microphone

Udder Rock

Ulcer Rock

Unexplained Brush-Off

Unnamed Arpology

Vanity Plate Round Up

Vanquished Vanished Vintage Vantage

Variable Magnitude Agreement

Variable Software Frequencies

Venus Dismembered

Vermont Woods 1979

Video Game Ant Farm

Voiceover About Voiceover

Voices in the Forest at Night

Voiding my Roland 808 and 303 Warranties from 1983

Waking Up on the Steps of Tomorrow

Waking Up Slowly

Water Leak in the Procedure Room

We Took a Wrong Turn at Messier 110

We’d Just Stand on the Street Corner and Yell

Weasel War Dance

Wedding Invitation from the Robots

Welcome to Ground Zero

Westphalia Behemoths Whine

Wet Revolution on the Radio

What the Cat Sees that We Don’t

When They’re Eating Each Other’s Skin

When You Wake Up Thinking You’re Falling That’s an Ancient Impulse From When Our Ancestor Species Slept in Trees

While the Beam was in the Shop

Winterized Sigma Clipping

Wooty Woot Woot Woot

Wyoming Calamari Bike

XEN And The Art of Antelope Maintenance

Xen China in Reverse

Xen New Wave Swing Speed Metal

You Lie All the Time

You’ll Need Good Speakers

You’re Doing Great

Your Conscience Removed for 99 Dollars While You Wait

Your Odyssey

Your Tattoos Might Heat Up


Zesster C and Macedonian Bagpipe Overture

Zesster Glockenspiel Boogadigga Fish Management

Zesty FreakBone Demo 2

Zesty FreakBone Improv in Six Microtonal Tunings

Zesty Wonders of the Microverse

Me with new telescope, and first photos I took with it.


Me with my new scope and the first photos I took with it. Camera: ZWO ASI2600MC. Mount: Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro. ASIAIR Pro. No star reduction on any. Scope: Quattro 250P Imaging Newtonian 10″
NGC 3628 (Hamburger Galaxy): 3 hours, 20 minutes.
M101: 2 hours 8 minutes.
Rosette Nebula; 30 minutes.

Pinwheel Galaxy: My first-light pix w/ new Quattro 250P Imaging Newtonian 10″ telescope


My shot of Pinwheel Galaxy, (Messier 101) from the other night
21 million light-years from Earth. 2 hour and 8 min of shooting.  1000 mm at f/4.

Also, un-cropped image with overlay of what’s what (PGC ones are more-distant galaxies.) and a photo of the scope on my mount. It barely fits in the AstroHut, lol. (click images to see larger)