New BipTunia prog hard rock song (w/ Joe Jeziorski)

New guitar-tastic song called “Truth Table on the 1975 Logic Gate” from the upcoming 60th BipTunia album, Music for Sewers.

It’s sort of inspired by “21st Century Schizoid Man” by King Crimson, and partially inspired by “Tales of the Topographic Ocean” by Yes. But it’s better than both.

Michael W. Dean plays drums, synth, sax, organ, rhythm guitar, bass, and Taurus bass pedals. Joseph Guitarski plays the 4 lead guitar tracks, and the clean rhythm guitar track.

Photo of MWD in the sewer in 1983 by Dug!

Part 2 of 2 of interview with Bomb singer Michael Dean about this re-master and about Bomb in general

Long-time hardcore Bomb fan Jordan Wesley asks Michael Dean from Bomb a bunch of questions. This is the first half. Second half comes out later this week. And the album remastered by Jack Endino came out today.

1988 photo of Bomb by Beau Brashares.

L to R: Tony Short (the artist formerly known as Tony Fag), Jay Morgan Crawford, Michael Wareham Dean.

Part one of interview is here.

Album remaster is here.