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HUBERT SELBY JR: It/ll Be Better Tomorrow

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79 minutes. (USA) English.

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“Selby’s place is in the front rank of American novelists. His work has the power, the intimacy with suffering and morality, the honesty and moral urgency of Dostoevsky’s. To understand Selby’s work is to understand the anguish of America.”
--New York Times Book Review

“A major American author of a stature with William Burroughs and Joseph Heller.”
--Los Angeles Times.


"Last Exit to Brooklyn should explode like a rusty hellish bombshell over America and still be eagerly read in a hundred years."
--Allen Ginsberg


"The Demon is a freight train of a novel with a climax like a kick in the stomach!"
--William S. Burroughs

Above: photo of Hubert Selby, Jr. in 1989 by James Fee. Used with permission.  

Welcome to CubbyMovie.com--the site for the labor-of-love documentary on the life and work of legendary cult writer Hubert Selby, Jr.

Hubert "Cubby" Selby, Jr. (July 23, 1928-April 26, 2004) was the author of Last Exit To Brooklyn, The Room, The Demon, Requiem for a Dream, The Willow Tree, Waiting Period, and a book of short stories, Song of the Silent Snow.

Featuring new interviews with: Hubert Selby, Jr, Lou Reed, Ellen Burstyn, Jared Leto, Darren Aronofsky, Uli Edel, Alexis Arquette, Desmond Nakano, James Remar, Nicolas Winding Refn, Jerry Stahl, Richard Price, Amiri Baraka, Nick Tosches, Gilbert Sorrentino, Michael Lally, Kenneth Shiffrin, James Ragan, Michael Silverblatt, James R. Giles, John Calder, Arthur Boyars, Luke Davies, Jem Cohen, Susan Compo, Matt Polish, Carmine "Tony" DeFeo, Anthony Di Novi, Kaytie Lee, Susan Anton.

Appearing in archive footage: Hubert Selby, Jr, Anthony Kiedis, Henry Rollins, Cameron Johann, Stephen Lang, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Burt Young, Bernard Zette, Ellen Burstyn, Jared Leto, Marlon Wayans, Bill Buell, Jimmie Ray Weeks, James Remar, John Turturro

Narrator: Robert Downey, Jr.

Directors: Michael W. Dean & Kenneth Shiffrin

Editor: Ryan Brown

Producers: Michael W. Dean, Ryan Brown

Executive Producers: Suzanne Selby, Kenneth Shiffrin

Narration written by: Michael W. Dean



Pix from the making of the movie.

More pix from the making of the movie.

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Pix from the Jerry Stahl interview.

Pix from the Alexis Arquette interview.

Pix of our interview with Amiri Baraka

Pix of our interview with James Remar

Pix of our interview with Susan Anton

Interview with our British correspondent, Ian Hawkins, about the making of this movie

Click for a page with audio and pix from the British Obscenity Trial interviews.

Photos of Cubby as a child (courtesy of Suzanne Selby)

Photo of Hubert Selby, Jr. in December, 2003 by Lydia Lam.


Anthony Kiedis and Cubby (during a spoken word recording session featured in the film)

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Henry Rollins speaking at Cubby's memorial service,
Friday May 7, 2004 at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood


Co-producers: Merl Edelman, Tracy Hatfield

Re-recording engineer: Dave Bach

Camera, Los Angeles: Michael Dean, Chris Cruse, Geoff Moore, Adam Jeppesen, Adam Hashemi

Camera, New York: Ray Michel, DJ Brouillard, Jem Cohen, Robert Carlsen.
Sound, New York: Jeff Ent

Camera, Honolulu, Hawaii: Gerard Elmore, Vince Lucero

Camera, London: Ian Hawkins

Camera, Sydney Australia: Bonnie Hart

Sydney Australia second-unit production team captain: Phoebe Hart

Camera, Montreal, Canada: John Christou, Brett Gaylor, and Mila Aung-Thwin (from www. eyesteelfilm.com)

Copenhagen, Denmark: Mira Jargil, Maia Kahlke Lorentzen

Camera, DeKalb, IL: Kathy Giles and Stuart Wahlin

Sound, New York: Jeff Ent

Audio engineer of narration: Vincenzo LoRusso

Assistant editors: Shar Alamdari, Meridith Sommers

Music: Douglas Bohm, Allison Lovejoy, Aaron Jones, Brian Wenz, Bob Bartosik, Dr. Jonathan D. Green, Beauty's Confusion, Trey Harrison, Dan Racanelli, Darren Bloom, Twostarsymphony, Lucas Van Lenten, DJ Brouillard, Jean-François Côté, George Earth, John DeBorde, Stefan Gustafsson, Steve Munger Quintet, Martyn LeNoble, Elizabeth Johnson, Michael W. Dean, Jimmie Wood, J J Holiday, Michael Barsimanto, The Imperial Crowns

Still Photographs: James Fee, Stathis Orphanos,
Geoff Moore, David Morgan, Susan Anton, Ryan Alexander, A. Karno, Helen Zahavi, Jessica Mann, Ian Hawkins, Rebecca Waddington, Bill Shumate, Fern Feller, Harriet Sommers, Bill Ward, Mark McKennon, Suzanne Selby, Hubert Selby, Jr,
Lydia Lam

Illustrations/Caricatures: Greg Oakes, Lydia Lam

Additional archive footage: Prelinger Archive

Audio of Cubby telling hospital story courtesy of Eva-Marie Fredric

Associate Producers: Lydia Lam, Greg Anthony Benjamin, Jonathan Elias, DJ Brouillard, P. Kime Le, Susan Anton, W. Vann Hall, James Jose, Katy Robinson, Ray Michel, Cristy Herman

Special Thanks and Angels

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Q. "What's the significance of the title 'It/ll Be Better Tomorrow'?"
A. It's taken from page 103 of Selby's The Demon. "It/ll be better tomorrow--it better be!" (The slash is included in Selby's typography).

Cubby's 1975 inscription in Carmine De Feo's copy of Last Exit:"....let's drive and crack forever....."

Cubby's 1964 inscription in Gilbert Sorrentino's copy of Last Exit to Brooklyn: (Gil was the editor on Last Exit)
(photo credit for both above photos Jerrod Lopes and Shawn Alfaro)

Maureen Nolan and Cubby in August 2003, by Geoff Moore. Used with permission.

Maureen was the person who put me in touch with Cubby. She was my friend and neighbor. She died Monday, Aug 30, 2004. 11:30 AM.
After a long battle with Cancer. She is missed. --MWD



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