Roger Ebert Reviewed One of My Movies!



He did it on Twitter, here. You have to copy and paste his link, but it’s a video of me singing a song for my daughter after she died.

Sort of….So, after my daughter died of Leukemia in 2006 I was totally crushed. I couldn’t sleep right for a year, and was really depressed. One thing that really helped pull me out of it after a year, something that was really cathartic, was this: I recorded a version of the heart-wrenching Jeff Buckley song (written by Leonard Cohen) “Hallelujah” in remembrance of Amelia. Doing that and making a YouTube video of me singing it really helped me be able to function again.

I actually only watched it a few times since 2008 when I made it. I can’t really watch it. I haven’t even checked comments on much.

I checked it out today finally, and noticed a bunch of comments on it from two years ago saying things like

I have never seen or heard such heartfelt love. I found this video after Roger Ebert commented on it on his twitter page. God Bless you and Amelia Laine Worth.


Found this as well via Roger Ebert’s twitter. A very heartfelt and touching video, my condolences to the both of you.


Followed from Ebert’s twitter. I am so sorry for your loss. This is a beautiful tribute to your daughter.


Also found through Ebert’s twitter. Very touching. I can imagine no better tribute.

I do know Ebert was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer around that time. The tweet said:

@ebertchicago: I found this completely by accident and was so deeply touched by its sadness and heartfelt love

It was a comment on the beauty of the emotion, not the filmmaking. It’s FAR from my best filmmaking. FAR. It was done quick and dirty using a low-rez camera, actually an old still camera that could shoot a little video. My wife, DJ, did the camerawork and I edited it. Ironic that Ebert’s probably never seen my actual films, and I am a filmmaker by trade, but it’s nice that he mentioned this and Tweeted it.

Anyway, Ebert Tweeting my little film kinda made my day today, two 1/2 years after it happened. And I’m glad to see Ebert’s still feisty and I hope he’s Tweeting for many more years.

–Michael W. Dean

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  1. Michael, I found Roger Ebert’s tweet by searching on

    ebertchicago Roger Ebert
    RT @ebertchicago: I found this completely by accident and was so deeply touched by its sadness and heartfelt love
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