Tradução para Português (PT) do primeiro capítulo do livro deauto-ajuda, User’s Manual for the Human Experience, part 1 &2


Tradução para Português (PT) do primeiro capítulo do livro deauto-ajuda, User's Manual for the Human Experience Flag of Portuga

DOWNLOAD PDF HERE. This is the foreword and chapter one AND CHAPTER TWO of Michael W. Dean’s self-help book, A USER’S MANUAL FOR THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE, translated into Portuguese. Tradução para Português por Ana “Kneazle” Ferreiro. The rest of the chapters will be coming later.

Topics: evitar o stress, ser feliz, ser uma boa pessoa, bloquear trolls da internet, lidar com idiotas, Limpar a sua vida de pessoas nocivas, como posso ser feliz, como posso fazer vida da arte, odeio música alta, aprender a ser um trabalhador independente, aprender a ser feliz, auto-ajuda libertária , viver uma vida boa, vida amorosa, vizinhos barulhentos, princípio da não-agressão, recuperação, auto-ajuda, parar o vício sem reuniões.


“Part intellectual memoir, part self-help book. Michael W. Dean’s Practical Emotional Self-Defense (PESD) techniques flow from a wealth of life experiences, both positive and negative. ‘The Only Two Rules in Life’ have some radical, refreshing implications.”
–Jason Sorens, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, University at Buffalo, SUNY), founder of the Free State Project

“You owe yourself the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and put yourself in the court with this modern-day Socrates.”
–Pastor Kenneth V. Blanchard, Sr., author of Black Man with a Gun

“I knew Michael Dean back in the day, when he was a 19-year-old punk rocker with an appetite for self-destruction. I honestly didn’t think he’d live to be 30. But guess what? It turns out that Michael isn’t just a survivor; he’s a survivor who’s learned how to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness after recovery. For everyone who wants to know how to stay sane, develop a great work ethic, and make a mark on the world, Michael Dean has a great story to tell.”
–Professor Michael Bérubé, Ph.D. (Penn State), author of What’s Liberal About the Liberal Arts? and Life as We Know It

. This is Chapter, 1, FOREWORD and Chapter One, Greetings Eager Seeker

FOREWORD by Pastor Kenneth V. Blanchard, Sr, author of BLACK MAN WITH A GUN. This foreword is read by the good pastor. A hip Baptist preacher tells you why you don’t have to be afraid of Michael Dean, even though Michael doesn’t believe in Christ. And you also needn’t be afraid that Michael believes in SOMETHING if you believe in NOTHING. This ain’t about changing your mind, it’s about improving your life. CHAPTER ONE, Greetings Eager Seeker, read by the author, Michael W. Dean. Michael explains what you’re in for (it’s all good!), how he teaches (more like a friend sitting next to you than like a textbook), and what this book is about (cutting deadwood out of your life, getting rid of bad patterns, habits, and people. Then we teach you how to work smarter once you’ve cleaned house).

Creative Commons Attribution – Licença Não Comercial 3.0.

Get the audio book in English, here.

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