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Now on JIP Publications. Michael W. Dean’s classic 2003 DIY how-to book, sold 100,000 copies, updated for 2018.

First time on Kindle too, get it here (and read almost 200 reviews of first two editions):

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515 page book.

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SHORT SUMMARY: Write, Finance, Direct, Produce, Shoot, Edit, Distribute, Tour With, and Sell Your Own No-Budget Digital Film.

Filmmaking is entering a new era. High-Def Digital filmmaking is the new folk music, the new punk rock, the new medium in which anyone can tell their story. “$30 Dollar Film School, Third Edition” is an alternative to spending four years and a hundred-thousand dollars to learn the filmmaking trade.

It is influenced by punk rock’s “Do-it-Yourself” spirit of just learning the basics and then jumping up on a stage and making a point; and by the essence of the American work ethic.

This new edition of the bestselling title includes new, improved, and updated chapters on full frame video, audio editing, making your own background music, lenses, getting great gear free and cheap, selling physical merch in a post-DVD world, and so much more.

Michael Wareham Dean is a scruffy little man who lived in Los Angeles when this book was first written, but now lives in Wyoming.

He’s been working in digital video since 1998. His movies have had international distribution, starting in 2002, and are on Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, and have sold many thousands of copies.

Michael’s film “Hubert Selby Jr, It’ll Be Better Tomorrow” stars academy award winners, and is narrated by Robert Downey Jr.

At age 9, following instructions in “$30 Film School”, filmmaker / actress Emma Kenney (Debbie in “Shameless”, and Marigold Girl in “Epic”), created the film “The New Girl in Town.”

Michael W. Dean has toured America and Europe lecturing at youth centers, colleges, high schools, and museums.

He’s toured America and Europe showing his films, and was flown to the prestigious Deauville American Film festival in France, where one of his films was featured. The tour stops and dates are in the appendix of this book.

Michael contributed to O’Reilly Media’s “Digital Video Hacks” book, edited O’Reilly’s “DV Filmmaking: From Start to Finish” and wrote “MAKE a Mailbox Movie” in MAKE Volume 3.

He co-authored the O’Reilly Media book “YouTube: An Insider’s Guide to Climbing the Charts.”

He was a speaker at the Podcast and New Media Expo.

An anagram for “Michael Dean” is “Deal Machine,” and that truly fits. Dean never sits on his laurels, and he’s constantly touching the world in special places.

Michael was the singer in the rock group Bomb, who were signed to Warner Brothers and toured the US and Europe.

Michael’s first feature-length film was the critically acclaimed “D.I.Y. or DIE: How to Survive as an Independent Artist.” Of this movie, Dean says, “I wanted to interview my heroes and my unknown buddies, and put them side by side with no star sys- tem separation. Our little movie is all about finding the common thread in artists who make cool stuff regardless of a paycheck.”

Michael didn’t go to film school. He dropped out of high school “because it bored me, and I preferred to go the library so I could actually learn.” He later graduated from the City College of San Francisco.

He loves computers and rarely leaves his block unless it’s to be flown thousands of miles away to show a film and lecture, which he does often.

He writes, directs, and produces films and occasionally acts; he writes screenplays; does Web design; graphic art; oil paints; sings; plays guitar, bass, and keyboards; produces and engineers music; programs computers; and doesn’t sleep enough.

Michael and his work has been featured in Film Threat Magazine, Variety Magazine, interviewed in the San Francisco Examiner, on radio and TV, and has been a guest lecturer at Cal Arts College, San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Museum and at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art.

Michael is the author of the books “$30 Film School”, “$30 Music School”, “$30 Writing School”, “Starving in the Company of Beautiful Women”, “The Simple Pleasures of a Complex Girl”, “DIY NOW! Digital Audio” and “Lyrics and Liner Notes for the First Three BipTunia Albums: Felis Bippus, Brace Yourself for a Blast, and Open Knife Night.”

Michael played guitar in the band The Beef People. He sang and played bass in Baby Opaque and Bomb (Warner Brothers).

Michael directed the film, “Guns and Weed: the Road to Freedom” and “Living Through Steve Diet Goedde.”

Michael created the BipCot NoGov license for software, media, services and events.

Michael co-created FeenPhone, a free VoIP program for radio hosts and podcasters that sounds better than Skype.

Michael does a radio show called The Freedom Feens, syndicated on nearly three dozen AM and FM radio stations through Genesis Communications Network. The show is also syndicated on satellite radio and Internet via the Liberty Radio Network.

Michael also runs his own streaming network Cuss-Free Liberty. He also runs the “get great audio cheap” site, Creamy Radio Audio.

Michael created the cryptocurrency BipCoin.

Michael sleeps in late, stays up late, and works at home as a writer and filmmaker.

He lives in Wyoming with his nifty wife DJ and their three cats, Beast, Bob, and BipCat. (BipCat is on the logo for both BipCoin and BipCot.)

In 2017 Michael formed the musical group BipTunia with his long-time friend, poet Phil Wormuth. Michael plays synthesizers with the group, and also writes lyrics & music, and sings.

Michael loves communicating out to the world, but says, “A good day is one where my phone doesn’t ring.”

Files for 2018 third edition of “$30 Film School” book by Michael W. Dean


The first edition of the book (paperback, 2003) came with a data CD.

Second edition of the book (paperback, 2006) came with a data DVD. Since no one even knows what those things are any more, and this edition is Kindle-only, I’m putting the files here.

If you don’t already have it, get the book here on Amazon Kindle for $7.

DOWNLOAD Releases, Contracts, Timecode Examples, Student ID

DOWNLOAD Electronic Press Kit and newspaper clippings for DIY or DIE

DOWNLOAD Printable frameable 30 Dollar Film School DIPLOMA

We recommend printing the diploma on card stock paper. This (white) or this (cream) work well.

Here is a nice diploma frame for 15 dollars. Here’s a nicer one for 40 dollars.

If either of those are too steep, here are cheap magnets similar to the ones shown in the above photo holding the diploma on a refrigerator. (like the top magnets. The bunny magnets aren’t sold on Amazon anymore at the moment.)

If you forget to replace “Your Name” with your actual name, you don’t pass the program. lol.

Also, put in the proper day, month and year in place of those lines.

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