Kurt Cobain loved my old band, Bomb.

…So do Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl.

Krist talks about it in this YouTube interview. (Or direct link is here.) Start about 7 minutes in for context, and listen to 10 minutes in. But the whole interview is wonderful:

Krist says he loves Bomb and that Kurt Cobain turned him on to Bomb. (Listen to Bomb here.)

Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic came to see Bomb in Seattle at the On Ramp club one time, and Dave was up front singing along with all the words.

If you you prefer a downloadable MP3 of this interview, it’s here.

Here’s my new music, BipTunia.

SynthEdit project file for “LuckyWorm” VST by BipTunia synths.

Download it here: LuckyWorm2Share

It took me two weeks of a few hours a day to make my first two VST synths with SynthEdit. They’re not be best synths ever, but not the worst, and they’re fun. Plus they have some cool sounds.

I’ve posted the SynthEdit project file for my VST mono synth, LuckyWorm above. Download it, unzip it, open it in SynthEdit.

You are free to download it, examine it, output it and expand on it. Don’t just slap a new name and logo on it, but if you do make substantial contributions to it, feel free to use it for the basis of your first synth, if you credit me in your ReadMe file and anywhere you post list it for download online. And it would also be cool if you use the same license I used, the BipCot NoGov License.

You set the ID when you output VST from SynthEdit.

Notice I’ve set the name to “NotLuckyWorm” and put in a bunk ID of “zzzz.” DO make sure you change the VST ID when you output it. Two VSTs having the same ID can cause conflicts in some DAW. I think Steinberg might not have thought it through how popular VSTs would be when they made the IDs only 4 characters long.

Eagle Blues (test song in Eagle 53 tuning. I think)

This is my first attempt at making music using an MTS scale file that I made using Scala from an existing table of cents. (for John O’Sullivan’s Eagle 53 tuning).

Scale file is inserted into my Microtonal Poly Worms synth, for the bass and the guitar/piano sound.

The drums are 12edo.

If this works I’ll make more from other people’s custom scales and add them all to the next release of the synth.