Libertarians: Don’t quit your day job! – Freedom Feens radio episode



Feens site is down at the moment, but this is one reason I have websites on different servers. SO, I know y’all need the new Feens episode for your morning commute, so here it is.

Michael W. Dean, Dianna Keiler and Jeremy Hizenburger talk about what REALLY happened this season on “Mr. Robot”, how Blue Oyster Cult broke MWD’s heart TWICE, why J. Neil Schulman needs to accept Bitcoin and quit whining and quit resting on his laurels and get a day job like the rest of us for chripessake even Einstein had a day job and you’re not him, The Monero Fluffy Pony FTL interview including “THAT’S NONE OF MY BUSINESS”, Big Head Press, cats, worms, space, anti-Semitic people who bug Michael, how “Narcos” is totally Shakespearean at times, and SO much more.


7 thoughts on “Libertarians: Don’t quit your day job! – Freedom Feens radio episode”

  1. Einstein! Anti-Semitism! Oy!

    Anti-Semitism is nothing but the antagonistic attitude produced in the non-Jew by the Jewish group. The Jewish group has thrived on oppression and on the antagonism it has forever met in the world.
    — Albert Einstein, in Collier’s Magazine, November 26, 1938

    see also Aloni, Shulamit; Goodman, Amy

  2. Is that a donation button I see for Freedom Feens?

    Your day job not enough to live on, Michael Dean?

    The last “day job” I had was in 1981. Since then I’ve made my living as a book author, screenwriter, free-lance journalist, book publisher, college instructor, film producer, and film director.

    Being self-employed there’s no safety net. Sometimes I’m broke, sometimes in gravy.
    So since I give away a ton of stuff free on the web including downloadable books and streaming movies and videos, I asked my fans for something to stretch the gap until my next deal, which my agent/producing partner is working on.

    Same “donation” button you use.

    But trolls gotta troll. Hey, for fun, just for a change, why not troll a non-libertarian, just for shits and giggles?

    1. I wrote the above based on the tag for the show; now that I’ve listened to the show I only have a few comments:
      1. I’m not a minarchist. I’m an Ancap, specifically an Agorist, specifically one of the two, and surviving, founder of Agorism. Samuel Edward Konkin III, in his afterword to an early paperback of my novel Alongside Night, “How Far Alongside Night?” — according to the Wikipedia article on Agorism — “credited Schulman with integrating the “science of counter-economics” with Konkin’s basic economic philosophy.”

      2. I’m suspicious of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin because I see them as a variant of bank notes unbacked by, or exceeding a warehouse stock of, any physical commodity such as gold or silver. Read Rothbard, Konkin, or von Mises for more on this.

      3. You and Jim Jesus (who’s three-part video “reviewing” the Alongside Night movie I published on my own blogs) are entitled not to appreciate my movies. But they do have their fans. Out of the 96 reviews there’s an average for the Alongside Night movie of 2.8 out of 5 and I’m convinced it would be even higher if Amazon would match IP addresses of anonymous sock-puppet accounts that have been trolling me on the web since 2006.

      4. I’m not sitting back on any past laurels. I’ve posted the first five chapters of my current novel-in-progress, The Fractal Man, at I currently have three finished feature-film screenplays, half a dozen film treatments ranging from suspense to supernatural horror to comedies, on the market, several of them written in the last 12 months. This IS my day job.

      1. It’s almost like you didn’t listen to anything being said and just reacted. Typical Trumpkin.

        BTW, if Alongside Night was so good how come Kevin Sorbo hates the movie and you?

        1. Worms. I like this comment by Jim.

          Googlin: theory that Michael W. Dean is just a sock puppet of Jim Jesus.

  3. It’s commie day, most people have no morning commute today, I’ll be listening while I work on fencing more pasture for my chickens.

    And this is why I don’t delete old RSS feeds, sometimes they come back to life.

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