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"What we call success is about getting, getting, getting. Getting money, prestige, feeding the ego. When you follow that path in life, you're really breaking down the gates of hell. We're taught in this country to worship getting things. No one tells you that the purpose in life is giving. We have the whole thing upside down."

----Hubert Selby, Jr

photo: A. Karno. Used with permission.

ANGELS: Adolph Malaki, Ashwin Kumar, Barbara Lowing, Daniel Boon, Dean Pandel, Derek Severs from CD Baby, Eamonn Leatherby, Esmeralda Gomez, Fabricio Olivero, Graham Michael Jeavons, Howie Kafka, Iconmakerdesign.com, James Jensen, James McKenzie, Jay Bauer, Jonathan Eisenberg, Jono Pickering, Margi Brown-Ash, Melinda Butel, Nannette Ching Edelman, Nik. B. Giakoumi, Parvees Sayed, Peggy Tully, Reza Momeni, Rosita Rivas, Russell Ian Mann, Samantha Jensen, Stuart Knight, Tim Hanle, Tony Lakisa, Vladimir Pavlicevic

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Brooklyn Bridge by Ricardo de Masi. Used with permission.

Kenneth Shiffrin and Hubert Selby Jr, August 2003 by Geoff Moore. Used with permission.