You gotta check these out:

Below are links to audio from the video interviews Ian Hawkins recorded in London England. Ian lives in Manchester and we met because he sent me an e-mail after buying "$30 Film School".

The interviews are with the two publishers who went to trial in England in 1967 for publishing "Last Exit To Brooklyn".

The book was considered obscene. It was a famous and landmark case that went to the highest court in England. The book won, and set a precedent to allow everything we read today.

John Calder 43-min interview, 17-meg MP3. very concise.

Arthur Boyars (used to be on the BBC, and TOTALLY sounds it). 68-minute (!) interview. Part one 12 megs:

part 2, 3 megs:

He rambles a lot, but it's fascinating. That guy should have his own show where he just talks about anything he wants (not that you could steer him to do otherwise!)

click here for a page with audio of an interview with cameraman Ian about the making of this film.

Screen captures, and some stills by Rebecca Waddington:

Above: John Calder

Old Bailey, gate. This is where the trial took place. Man, this is so intimidating, I think I'd just say, "I'm guilty" walking up to it, even if I wasn't!/

Arthur Boyars

Ian doing the interview with John Calder