(This has been out of print since soon after is came out in 1986.)

Smack Elvis to get side one of Bomb's debut, "To Elvis In Hell".

Smack vasoline to get side two of Bomb's 1986 debut, "To Elvis In Hell".






To Elvis in Hell

No Color in Utah

I'm Not Restless




You in Romance

Vagrant Vampires

I Loved You, Then I Died

Mrs. Happiness

Smile & Pose


Thanks Tania!

sax on "you in romance" by Bob Sax.


Record was produced by Bomb and engineered by David Bock. The Executive producer was Kirsten Sterns. All songs lyrics and music by Dean/Crawford/Fag, except David Wellbeloved co-wrote the lyrics for "I Loved You Then I Died."


People often ask about "No Color In Utah." I wrote it on an LSD bus trip out to San Fran when I moved from Virginia. Jay's wife at the time, Maxine, sang it on record, not me. Jay went down on her in the studio at the time. At points you can hear Jay's teeth grinding from all the speed.


The lyrics are:

When I went through ohio
there were cows there,
when there's cows,
I drink milk.

But when I went through utah
my eyes were parched
and when my eyes are parched,
I don't drink.