Darned Optimum


Downed Optimum cable 1

Ever since Optimum Online (a New York City company) took over Bresnen (a local area company here in Wyoming that did a good job), our TV service has been wonkie, our Internet has been intermittent and our phone service scratchy and sometimes not working at all. They’ve also been throttling BitTorrent, which I use to legally share media I create.

But the final straw that I think is going to make me switch to one of their competitors is that it took them FOUR DAYS to come out and fix a downed cable. Friday night, the wild, wooly Wyoming wind blew down the cable that supplies my DSL, land line phone and cable TV. I called them every day for that four days, and every day, after waiting for an interminable period and repeating all my personal information, they said “Someone will be out today.” Sure, one of those days WAS New Years’, but still, they told me they’d come and they didn’t until today.

And it wasn’t just my service, this cable was down in the alley, and provides service to the whole block.

Fortunately, my service was not interpreted, but that’s got nothing to do with Optimum and everything to do with the fact that Casper, Wyoming is not heavily populated and people are alert, respectful and polite. If this had happened when we lived in California, the downed cable would have been destroyed by a speeding car, or harvested by meth heads to sell for the copper. I can tell by the lack of tracks in the snow that no one drove over it in the alley. It looks like one or two cars started down the alley, but saw the wire and turned around.

Downed optimum cable

Downed optimum cable
Downed optimum cable in the alley
Downed optimum cable in the alley

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  1. I have optimum online too and the internet will sometimes drop connection 4 or 5 times in an hour. Its not cheap service either.

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