Files for 2018 third edition of “$30 Film School” book by Michael W. Dean


The first edition of the book (paperback, 2003) came with a data CD.

Second edition of the book (paperback, 2006) came with a data DVD. Since no one even knows what those things are any more, and this edition is Kindle-only, I’m putting the files here.

If you don’t already have it, get the book here on Amazon Kindle for $7.

DOWNLOAD Releases, Contracts, Timecode Examples, Student ID

DOWNLOAD Electronic Press Kit and newspaper clippings for DIY or DIE

DOWNLOAD Printable frameable 30 Dollar Film School DIPLOMA

We recommend printing the diploma on card stock paper. This (white) or this (cream) work well.

Here is a nice diploma frame for 15 dollars. Here’s a nicer one for 40 dollars.

If either of those are too steep, here are cheap magnets similar to the ones shown in the above photo holding the diploma on a refrigerator. (like the top magnets. The bunny magnets aren’t sold on Amazon anymore at the moment.)

If you forget to replace “Your Name” with your actual name, you don’t pass the program. lol.

Also, put in the proper day, month and year in place of those lines.