the complete album HATE FED LOVE by Bomb in Mp3 format.

1992 Warner Brothers/ Reprise Records. Produced by Bill Laswell.

Recorded at Green Point Studios in Brooklyn.

vocal, words, bass.....Michael Dean
guitar, vocal......Dug Hilsinger
guitar, vocal, organ, banjo......Jay Morgan Crawford
Drums, words.....Tony Fag

All songs copyright Bomb 1992, except Suzanne, by Leonard Cohen.

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Made to Fire
All My References Are Dead
Love Fed Hate
The Power of Suggestion
Hey Richard
There is No Promise of a Future in the Moment
Hot Bloody Hearts
Goodbye Baby
The Devil is Us

thanks for the scanning, Lori.


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MrMBC1033 asked about the recording:

um....the recording of hate fed love took a month. Warner Brothers flew us out, but dind't put us up. so we had to stay with friends.

Laswell's studio is in the Greenpoint (Polish) district of Brooklyn. Near the subway. he starts at noon and kicks you out around 6 so he can work on stuff he really likes. the studio was sort of under construction when we were there. Big room, not especially high ceilings. maybe 12 feet. No separate room yet for control room. Just big movable gobos. They spent several days isolating the guitar amps with more gobos (that's why Doug and jay's guitars don't sound as oversaturateed as they should....not much feedback. I personally like the production on Happy All the Time better—which took two days and cost like 1500 bucks. Laswell charged 65 grand, I think. or 35 grand and points. I can't remember. I know there was little left for us.

Laswell was a affable guy, but all business. Didn't talk much, didn't even do that much production, left most up to his very able team. He would be on the phone in the other room talking to Ornette Coleman, come in, listen for a minute, tell us to tune up or some such thing and leave for another half hour while we redid takes. then come in and say a little more.

Jug (as Tony and I affectionately referred to jay and Doug as a unit) used a lot of borrowed vintage guitars belonging to the guitar tech. I used a pink bass that is on the cover of a new York dolls album (Laswell was able to pick it up cheap for some reason....) Laswell brought in a drum doctor who I think fucked up Tony's sound. The good doctor tuned the drums normal, and Tony's sound is to tune them low. We were into "trusting the process" so we let it stand.

recorded guitars bass and drums together with no vocals. took a week. When I went to check the mic, I let out a mighty sing/scream from the bottom of my heart. Laswell allegedly turned to dug in the control room and said, "So that's why he's in this band." (i.e. I don't play bass as well as jug and Tony play their instruments I guess. I think that comment is cute. ) I did the vocals, copped out on Suzanne (which I will ever regretted—I could have done better) and flew home as I was sick of being around people who wouldn't let me do drugs. Jug stayed and mixed the album. They weren't happy with the final mixed ("it sounds like a brick"—dug) so remixed some of them. We weren't totally satisfied, but the WB sugar teat had dried up. They wouldn't invest more.