Bill Buppert Questions Obedience + Jazz on Jazz – Michael Dean After Dark live radio archive


Bill Buppert of Zero Gov tells it like it is and yacks with MWD about everything BUT government. Then Lousander Feen calls in on his awesome inexpensive mic (you should have one too, get it here). Lousander helps Bill finds his happy place: complaining about tyranny. Bill gets it all out of his system so tomorrow Bill and MWD can talk about jazz and raising kids and anything but government.




Pirate Radio and Punk Rock – Michael Dean After Dark live radio archive


MWD yacks late night with tar heel Jack Johnson about why politicians are big meanie dum dum control freaks, Jack’s experiences with radio pirates in the UK (do NOT try THIS at home), and turning a Raspberry Pi $35 computer into a low-power radio transmitter or a high-power torrent server.

Recovery From Statism is Possible – Michael Dean After Dark live radio archive


MikeMakesRight is MWD’s co-host on this first-ever MDAD show. Topics include the San Francisco Tenderloin, recovery from statism and the horrors of the San Francisco Civic Center Post Office.