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Computer Mastering Michael W. Dean’s 1983 Magnum Opus, “The Solstice Suite”

Download MP3 of Michael’s 1983 one-hour piece, The Solstice Suite, HERE. Unlike DJ or Neema, I did not go to “J-School” (journalism school) for college. However, at Jamestown Community College (JCC) in Western New York State, I did take “Communication” classes, which basically taught you…

How to Do Encrypted, Off-The-Record Instant Messenger With Pidgin

Written by Michael W. Dean, Freedom Feen. Most screenshots by Aida_Aida. Tech testing and proofreading by Link Porterfield/QPG, amifreetogo, feendaveoh, Adam Witthauer and Skippy. The Freedom Feens recently wrote and published an extensive and kick-ass tutorial on setting up encrypted e-mail, here. However, e-mail isn’t…

$430 ElectroVoice RE-20 Microphone Sound for $17

So, check out this short MP3 that I recorded talking about my new very expensive microphone, recorded on the same microphone. (If you’d rather hear it as an uncompressed WAV file, it’s not very big and is here.) I posted the file on Facebook and…

How to Set Up Your Own Streaming Server with BUTT (live proof-of-concept episode)

Michael W. Dean does a proof-of-concept live cast with callers using the Feens streaming server and a freeware utility called BUTT (Broadcast Using This Tool.) How to Set Up Your Own Streaming Server with BUTT (live proof-of-concept episode), article and audio HERE.

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